Vintage Simplicity 4483

A few weeks back, I unearthed close to seven yards of fabric at Goodwill. What to do with that much fabric? Sew the world's biggest skirt, of course! Okay, so maybe it's not the world's biggest skirt, but it's a pretty substantial garment. Here's the specs:

  • Fabric: Thrifted, 100% cotton
  • Pattern: Simplicity 4483
  • Modifications: The pattern gave a finished waist measurement of 25 inches. Since my waist size is 25 ½ inches, I added an extra inch of ease. This turned out to be way too much (I should have measured the pattern pieces in retrospect, something was up there). I ended up adding a hook and eye to pull the waist together and this seems to have done the trick. It's not visible and everything looks good, but it makes me grit my teeth knowing that it's there. Sigh. Next time.
  • Etc.: I've been wearing this one with a petticoat and I think it helps to keep the shape of the skirt a lot.
  • Next time: Aside from the waist kerfuffle, I'd add interfacing to the waistband for extra strength and possibly belt loops.
In other news, I'm finishing up some very, very late Christmas gifts (skirts for my nieces and a shirt for my nephew) and hard at work on a sweater for Knit for Victory.

And in light of that, I better get back to work.