1930's Beret

For a Tweed Ride earlier this month I decided to knit a beret. I fiddled with a couple patterns, but nothing was quite working. I love the look of lacey tams, but the reality is that once the temperatures drop, you want something a little more substantial. That said, I didn't want to look like I was wearing a woolen bucket on my head. Enter: the 1930's beret (pattern here).

I loved this one. It knits up fast, has a nice shape and stays where it's supposed to stay on your head. AND I'm just discovering the wonders of berets when it comes to hiding a bad hair day. I'll definitely knit this one again, especially as the temperatures drop.

And I also made a skirt for the tweed ride that I've been meaning to post about, but haven't gotten any good photos of lately. That's on the agenda, promise. Speaking of agendas, I've nixed the winter coat pattern I'd been working with. The muslin was a bit of a disappointment. While it fit well enough, the silhouette was boxier than I'd like, so I'm going to hunt around for another pattern. Anyone have any suggestions?

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