Operation: Winter Coat

The winter coat I've had for the past three years is beginning to show some serious signs of wear. I've been just kind of, "meh" about everything I've seen in the stores lately, so I'm planning to sew a replacement. Admittedly, this'll be the most complicated project I've undertaken to date and I'm a little nervous. But to borrow an expression from the kids of America, "YOLO"! So it's upwards and onwards with this one, after taking a few deep breaths.

The pattern I'm using is Simplicity #5558 from 1964. I spent yesterday getting my pattern pieces ready to go and did a few basic modifications (shortened the back waist measurement and added length to the sleeves). I also spent some time familiarizing myself with the slightly tricky instructions in the hopes of identifying potential problem areas. Another thing I'm mulling over is adding interlining to the body of the coat because, well, February.

And for fabric, I'm using that gorgeous grey-blue wool above. My grandmother gave it to me, it having been a gift from a family friend. I've hauled that wool around for years, waiting for the exact right garment to use it on and I feel like this is it. That said, I am 110% making a muslin because I feel like the fabric gods would cry out for vengeance if I wrecked that wool. I mean, c'mon, just LOOK AT IT.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. I got a muslin to cut out.

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